What??? Davido rides home with Wizkid in the same car after fighting backstage at Dubai

There’s irony in the air, as the unbelievable happened after the Starboy Worldwide Chief rode home with DMW boss Davido after their fight backstage in Dubai. For crying out loud, weren’t they abhor each other much more after that?

It was baffling to see that even in the heat of the post-backstage fight ranting, the arguably alleged industry rivals stepped into the same vehicle and off they went while their boys were still in the background battling each other like blind fighters. As a matter of fact, can you believe that both guys were in the car all the while the fight was going on???

This shocking truth was brought to bare via a shore video that popped up on YouTube, revealing the events that were masked in the first video of the fight. In the video, Wizkid is first seen stepping out of the White Rolls Royce Phantom to ginger his boys to table the “f*ck ups” of some certain guys who obviously sparked up the fight for a no just cause.

A moment later, Davido is seen stepping out of the same car to try and calm things down, after which he stepped back in and the car zoomed off. Does it mean Wizkid and Davido’s fans just went to Dubai and fought each other? Nawa o.

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