Davido & His Gang Clash With Wizkid & His Gang, Fights In

There was a solid strain in Dubai as Wizkid, his pack and that of Davido’s conflicted on their approach to

perform at the One Africa Music fest Dubai..

The Nigerian music stars chose to trial of their meat physically, and they had no other place to do it than

Dubai, Music Blogger Blessing Diribe who shared the video said it was tensed to the point that, they traded

blows and tossed bottles at each other, It was messy to the point that Wizkid got a bruised eye..

In the video the two posses could be heard yelling ‘OBO, Starboy’

The Cause of the battle could be followed to nothing other than the ‘I better pass am’ label they convey for

each other, and their online networking ordinary conflict, Wizkid says Davido has a Frog Voice, which harms

him, and consequently Davido says Wizkid can’t make hit badder than him, which is likewise agonizing, so

battling grimy is only a method for communicating it..

In any case, in Another Man’s Country? I Drop my pen..

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