Couple does oral sex-themed wedding pictures

Just wait till you see whose idea it was!

The groom and bride were gingered by the bride’s mother to do this.  (Michel Krooster)

These newly-weds had a major YOLO moment and we’re kinda confused on what to make of it.

The Dutch  couple  features on our wedding moment today with their wedding pictures which are just outrageous… fun? [We’ll let you decide in a bit]

The pair, who have chosen to be anonymous let their cameraman catch them pants down, engaging in a session of giving and getting blowjobs – on their wedding day.

They also simulated car sex in a vintage ride for extra effect.  (Michel Krooster)

Ok, so thankfully they were not doing the real deal, it was only the simulation. They just thought it would be fun to have this part as an unforgettable memory of their big day.

Even more weirdly, BuzzFeed reached out to their photographer who lets the media house know that it was the bride’s momma who suggested the idea at them!

We imagine the bride and groom having an eureka moment at the idea, going like; “Yo! Let’s do this. It’ll be off the hinges!”

And of course, they did it.

Their photographer, Michel Kooster who also shared the pictures on his Facebook page writes in their defense that:

“Anyone who considers this offensive is in my eyes still in the year 1996. Give those people their fun. Life is a prude.”

Ok, man, we hear you.

But then, even though we’ve seen a British couple do this same thing in 2016, it is still something we aren’t particularly used to like that.

So guys what do you think? Is this something cool to just have fun with or you think is too much and should be unacceptable?

Let’s have your opinion on the comment box below:

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