Ckay’s “Watawi” Ft Davido – A Hit, Trash or Average Song?

Ckay’s “Watawi” Ft Davido – A Hit, Trash or Average Song?

Ckay, who is best known for his hit “Love Nwantiti” has released his first-ever amapiano single, “Watawi” which features Davido, Abidoza, and South African amapiano king Focalistic.
After the release of Emiliana, Ckay has proven to be a force to be reckoned with. With the release of Watawi, Ckay is set to put his popularity to the test once more.

Now let’s talk about Davido one of the key featured artistes on the song Watawi. If I’m not mistaken, this is the second collaboration between Davido and Ckay. La La by Davido was the first collabo.

Davido have hyped the Watawi song on Twitter more than the original owner and other featured artistes and I wonder why.

See Screenshot Below 👇

First off, the Watawi song is more like a trash or an average song to start with; in my opinion oo.

While listening to the song, all I could hear is 4 grown up and coming artistes struggling to blow overnight with an average song.

The funny thing is, the song couldn’t Stand Strong anywhere, not even on Boomplay. Na dat one weak me pass.😂

Ordinarily, Clay’s songs always top chart within few hours and days. What went wrong now? It is obvious that one of the featured artiste ruined the song and y’all know who the person is.🤣

Same person is planning to release another one with an American rapper in a week time. Nobi juju be that!

Long story short. Ckay’s Watawi ft Davido and co, is a trash in my own personal opinion.

Watch below:-

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