BUSTED!!! How T.I Blaze And Olamide Ripped The Original Producer of “Sometimes”, Shocker Off His Sweat – See Full Details

BUSTED!!! How T.I Blaze And Olamide Ripped The Original Producer of “Sometimes”, Shocker Off His Sweat – See Full Details

What is it with up and coming artistes and their ungrateful acts?
It’s a big turn off to a lot of aspiring music investors and this is one of the reasons why a lot of people prefer to use their resources to familiarize with already made artistes instead of growing talents.

Sometimes, using your money for food, drinks, and women will give you more joy than investing in some real, and raw talents that will later paint a negative image of you to the world.

The month of December/January saw us welcome a lot of monstrous features of Olamide as he already claimed he will be on a feature spree this year – T.I Blaze was boldly one of the biggest beneficiaries.

He got his underground wavy tune a sky rocketing airwave and massive play when Olamide jumped on “Sometimes“. – I was one of those who celebrated him cause the song was not only meaningful, It was motivating!

While we were still yet to get enough the song, without giving Olamide his deserved accolade for blessing his fine tune, T.I Blaze was seen in another Tweet begging Davido for a collab. – Just wow!

👉 Who Is The Printed Producer Of T.I Blaze’s Song “Sometimes”?
Audible enough, we could hear a trademark “Eskeez” when the song “Sometimes” remix with Olamide starts playing

The production was super cool, top notch and also sounds way different from the first release which was what Olamide heard before jumping on the song.

👉 Who Is Eskeez?

If you do not know Eskeez, he started at Olamide’s grassroot label “Coded Tunes” perhaps that’s why Olamide helped him and made him produce his well-performed single ‘Rock’ from his recent album: UY Scuti.

He produced Harrysong’s track “she knows” Ft. Olamide and Fireboy as well. with a few more hits to his name, the guy is actually a beast and he is on his way to the top. He also produced Mohbad’s recent hit “Omo Ghetto” and so much more.

👉 Who Is The Original Producer Of The Song

This is a question you all have been waiting to ask but without putting you all in suspense, the original producer of the song is “Shocker”

Shocking right? Yes! The same “Shocker lo she beats” that we have heard on multiple songs.

👉 How did T.I Blaze and Olamide Rip Shocker Off His Sweat?
Since Eskeez is Olamide’s inhouse producer now, and he takes him everywhere he goes, there is no way he wouldn’t have known about how the progression of the whole songs are of the same origin.

The beats, strings, sequence and so much more. The only difference there is just a few touches Eskeez made to make it sound a bit different from the old one.

Shocker, has however never for once mentioned it on social media as he feel he doesn’t have that voice yet. No one will hear him out. Nonetheless he still celebrates the success of the song as though he is the printed producer.

There will be no qualm if the original producer of the song was given a credit at least at the release of the song. this is quite a case that can get T.I Blaze in big trouble if Nigeria was a country with full functions.

This is a big Property theft and a stain to Eskeez’s career.

In January, the song emerged the most streamed in Nigeria and has been doing fine since it’s release.

We are not in anyway against T.I Blaze for any reason but whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well. Always give credits to who it is due and never take anyone’s influence for granted.

However, we wish T.I Blaze a happy birthday and more hits to his name!

So guys, the question here is 👇

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