Burna Boy On “Sungba” Remix Versus Davido On “Dada” Remix — Who Performed Better?

Burna Boy On “Sungba” Remix Versus Davido On “Dada” Remix — Who Performed Better?

So far, both Burna Boy and Davido are having a rather quiet year.
That’s owing to the fact that they’ve only dropped one single each in the last six months. It’s hard to stay on top with just one song when there’s a lot of heat everywhere.

Their names haven’t left the musical conversations, though, and they are still very much relevant parts of the diverse music industry today. Of course, that’s only because they’ve been busy.

Burna Boy will release his album in less than two weeks, but the most impressive thing he’s done this year is not even his “Last Last” lead single. That would be his performance on Asake’s number one hit, “Sungba.”

A very much anticipated one, Burna Boy made that song a proper hit and what he did on that track is untouchable.

Likewise, Davido‘s most impressive performance this year wasn’t his “Stand Strong” single. No, not at all. That would be his contribution to Young Jonn’s “Dada.”

Young Jonn, an unlikely star, has become the focal point of the Chocolate City rebuild and Davido has helped him achieve his first major hit.

On the one hand, Davido is one of the best artists anyone can feature on their tracks because he always manages to make a hit better. On the other hand, Burna Boy is just a generational talent whether he’s on his own song or he’s gifting someone a verse.

Think about it. “Sungba” wouldn’t be as much of a hit as it is today without that Burna Boy remix. You can say the same for Young Jonn’s “Dada” too. So for that reason, Burna Boy and Davido are MVPs of 2022.

Which of their performances is the better one, though? Is it Burna Boy’s slick and smooth delivery on Asake’s hit? Or Davido’s captivating and electric verse on “Dada”?

Well, I’ll leave that up to y’all to decide.

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