Big Sean Drops Two New Singles After Nearly 2-Year-Long Break

According to a report from, Big Sean is coming back in a big way after a two-year break from music. The star previously announced he was going on hiatus to “rediscover himself” and let go all of the things holding him back from self-actualization.

The ex-boyfriend of Ariana Grande surprised his fanbase when he took to Twitter to post brand new music after an extended break. This past week, the rapper released the track, “Overtime,” and then he dropped another one again on Friday, “Single Again.”

In the track, the rapper explains how he was using relationships and romantic flings as a way of distracting himself from his own personal demons. Moreover, he rapped about the importance and significance of being alone sometimes.

Perhaps ironically, the three-minute song features a performance from his ex-girlfriend, Jhené Aiko, who he broke up with back in 2018. She was featured on the track for a few bars. Additionally, Ty Dolla $ign also provided vocals for the song.

In other news, some fans of Ariana Grande believe that she and Big Sean are getting back together. However, it’s probably not likely, considering Ariana has stated she is taking time off from men following her engagement to Pete Davidson.

Moving past who was on the rapper’s two new singles, he and Jhené have cleared the air on their romance, stating that there is no bad blood between them. This past summer, Big Sean was taken to task online for saying he was trying to find a wife. People were displeased with the remark, arguing that he was the reason for Jhené leaving.

Big Sean isn’t the only artist to recently end a two-year break, as Justin Bieber did the same as well. Justin dropped a brand new track with fellow performer, Ed Sheeran.

Justin apparently took some time off from touring and recording for similar reasons, stating that it was simply too exhausting to continuously perform around the world. The singer updated his fans online after he canceled the remaining dates of his Purpose tour.

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