Asake Vs T.I Blaze — Who Had The Better Debut?

Asake Vs T.I Blaze — Who Had The Better Debut?

Say what you want about Olamide but he’s a real talent scout with an ear for what will be hot next.
Towards the end of last year, he played the game again, going on a feature spree that had him jumping on more than a few songs within a short period. While he made some better, he made all of them hits.

Mind you, these were mostly tracks from previously unknown artists who he just happened to cross paths with.

Without a doubt, two of the best artists he did stuff with during that period were Asake (who is now signed to his YBNL label) and T.I Blaze. He jumped on their “Omo Ope” and “Sometimes” tracks, respectively. They were real hits and Olamide came through for both of them.

As a new artist, there is actually no better kickstart for your career than a boost from Olamide, and they both got it. Shortly after, they both released their debut projects; Asake put out an EP called “Ololade Asake,” while T.I Blaze did “The Fresh Prince of Lagos,” also an EP.

The projects, of course, had the Olamide-featured tracks on them, plus other new tracks they’re good ones in their own rights. Asake’s “Sungba,” for instance is a good number and T.I Blaze’s “Try” is making waves as a single too.

But who had the better debut project overall, between the two guys?

For me, I think it has been T.I Blaze because his project is much more polished and feels complete. But what do you guys think?

Asake Vs T.I Blaze — Who Had The Better Debut?

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