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3 Proven Ways to Affordably Travel Abroad from Nigeria (Residence Visa)

Here are best and most Affordable Ways to Travel Abroad from Nigeria (with Visiting or Residence Visa), for anyone searching for legitimate immigration contacts.

You’ve never perceived troubles like the moments you spend like a waste on a travel agent who does not know much about your destination. This is why it is very critical to know what you want from your desired destinations, and learn how to go about certain documentations without involving third parties.

In this post, however, you are to learn the few best ways to travel abroad from Nigeria, with or without further needs to pay experts.

Why travelling out of Nigeria?

It is actually unpleasing to find out that many potential immigrant from Nigeria, do not know why they are becoming so, or only moved embarrassing a trouble free economy where making ends meet is possible, even without work and financial Intelligence.

Here are 3 ways you can process affordable travel document, while travelling abroad.

Get Scholarships 

You must have heard that it’s easier to get accepted to study in a foreign country than to get accepted as a resident. A degree in Nigeria with at least a second class upper will really help you. A complete WAEC result is also a great help.

But for better chances, you can drop a comment below this guide for a follow up from a team who specialize on scholarship and travel information.

Attend Conferences

Attending conferences can help facilitate your acceptance into foreign countries, and your chances of travelling abroad from Nigeria.

If you apply to attend conferences, you could get accepted to travel abroad for the conference; but before this can happen you must be a professional of some kind, maybe in IT, law, agriculture or medicine.

You can also start applying for several fellowships and international conventions right from this portal.

Represent Your Country Internationally

Want to travel abroad from Nigeria? Why not prove yourself the best in your country? That way you get to travel to various countries to represent your country in international events.

Important Warning: For the sake of the identity of this nation, when you finally arrive in that country, please do not overstay your visa, because doing so will not only affect your chances of renewing your visa, but will also affect others seeking to obtain a visa into that country.

There are various ways outside diplomatic spheres, where you can apply for and get approved to work in various foreign countries. Even with Tourist’ Visa, one can visit a nation, secure a good job and return for proper invitation form sponsored firms.

A good example of this travel style is common to most hustlers who travel to Arab countries with a travel Visa (visitors) you can work shortly for an Arab nation who will then decide to invite you and prepare your 2-year residence visa from their migration department.



There are not limit placed on your ability to travel abroad from Nigeria. And even as we preach the avoidance of unplanned journey abroad, we also encourage potential travelers from Nigeria to go for plans that will not mar the image and reputation of the nation.

For those who seek scholarship opportunities, you can use this link to proceed with latest travel opportunities, to fund your dream courses outside Nigeria.

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