Adulthood Is Not A Scam, You Are Broke

Adulthood Is Not A Scam, You Are Broke

Lade, a talented Nigerian Afro-beat artiste, has become a viral sensation after releasing the song “Adulthood Na Scam.”
We were told during our childhood how life will become rosy when one becomes an adult but as it seems, things are just different as we are facing the reality of life.

“Adulthood Na Scam seem to be a perfect song for the youth and Lade was the perfect person to pass this important message” social media users said.


Adulthood na scam, You better get am for your mind
You gats to hustle, Make a living 24/7
Nobody go ask you if you don chop
Nobody go send you free money
If you no get na you sabi
Adulthood na scam

But the question is, Is Adulthood truly a scam?

If you ask me, I’d say adulthood is not a SCAM but a blessing, a privilege, na Sapa dey worry you.

You may agree or disgress

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