5 Recent Call Of Duty: Warzone Updates That Got Fans Excited

5 Recent Call Of Duty: Warzone Updates That Got Fans Excited

With the recent Call of Duty: Warzone updates, and the launch of the 3rd season known as Classified Arms, online FPV gaming fans have seen an upgrade in the available loadout builds, battle pass functionality, events, and so much more.
From gameplay adjustments to the armored truck asset and enhanced access to in-field intel, solo players and squads accustomed to the game are bound to benefit from perk selections.

Recent Call of Duty: Warzone Updates
The alignment of the latest releases has shown the game developer’s intent to shake things up with new avenues for presenting a better gaming experience. Here are the updates on the game.

1. Map Additions and Modifications
Venturing onto the battlefield in Call of Duty: Warzone just got more interesting! The New Gulag: Hold is a reasonably symmetrical territory located on the ground level of a ship.

This ship has drifted into the Caldera’s coast and houses similar-looking passages on the region, which is otherwise seemingly open. Moreover, the area remains in Verdansk, portrayed as a training facility’s hideout.

Another new location is the Dig site, situated somewhere along the midpoint of the Mine and the Ruins. Players can finally embark on scavenging hunts and ruffle their way through deserted site-digging areas. We’ve been introduced to combat equipment, tents with gear, and humongous remains of life forms offering supply boxes with additional items.

Speaking of map modifications, we’ve spotted updated features at the Peak, Runway, and Lagoon. While the Peak and Runway show fresh paint, ascenders, structural changes, fresh barracks, and hangars, respectively, the Lagoon is replenished by newer pathways and a freshly formed sandbar. It’s fair to say the game design developers have put great thought into giving gamers multiple entertaining additions to harp upon.

2. Weapons Updates
The one-shot benefit of using snipers has diluted away owing to an essential metric – speed to click heads. Now snipers set a specific damage range which decides their potential for one-shot kills.

Such changes have manifolded the importance of attachments that make weapons lightweight and highly responsive to trigger pulls or ammo reloads. Simply put, extensions improve your damage range and make long-distance kills possible in one firing.

Here are some updates on the one-shot-kill abilities of some weapons:

Irrespective of weapons, Battelog’s warzone hacks have created a bunch of add-on features to amplify the performance of solo players when ripping teams apart in COD: Warzone.

As COD: Warzone has rolled out changes in maximum damage ranges and the minimum and maximum damage strength of various weapons, many attack features of submachine guns, marksman rifles, and shotguns have been altered for a more relatable experience.

3. Attachments
Our game testers have witnessed the tweaks in how some ammunition factors have changed. Since the game creators realized the likeability of Subsonic and the negatives of the Bullet Velocity penalty, they’ve now canceled this penalization.

Further on, even the muzzles are modified to remove the damage range penalty from the Mercury Silencer. Another change is to the MX Silencer muzzle, which now has a lowered sprint-to-fire rate by 2% and a damage range heightened by 10%.

4. Game Modes
Operation Monarch has come with a banger, permitting gamers to compete with 60 battlefield combatants under the Resurgence gameplay style. The presence of Caldera’s first safe area with the reduced size is another noteworthy change.

Monsters such as Godzilla and Kong shall patrol the entirety of Caldera by laying offensive tactics at incoming threats. Be warned, they also lose their plot and stumble into a frenzied state of mind on occasions.

If you’re struggling to give them a taste of their thunder, time-tested Warzone hacks can equip your arsenal.

Titan Frenzy: The frenzied state is labeled as a Titan Frenzy, and Warzone players have 2 options to choose from. Either play it safe and flee the arena to avoid getting killed, or bring your COD combat skills to action and strike strategic blows to get rid of their hostile behavior.

Killstreak – S.C.R.E.A.M. Device: Beat either of the intimidating titans and get awarded with a S.C.R.E.A.M. Device granting you access to the supernatural powers of the monster you slaughtered. While Godzilla lets you breathe out heat waves, Kong enables you to imitate a brutal ground pound.

This update has inspired gamers to battle the monsters and display their battlefield mastery to increase in-game statistics as well. What’s best, you can get a headstart on your killstreak.

Resource – Monarch Intel: Gamers can hunt Monarch Intel via dead bodies, the enemy remains, unique drops, and supply boxes. The more Monarch intel you gather, the faster you can refill a meter which grants unrestricted access to traits such as loadout drops and killstreaks. Load the entire meter and reap the rewards of a titan killstreak.

Remember, this is known as an earnable currency and loads the special intel meter displayed on your HUD. Try pacing around and successfully downing enemies at a faster rate. More significant victories in team fights might sky-rocket your Monarch intel earnings.

5. Strategic Patch Notes
COD: Warzone patch notes have continued to amend existing features in the form of location accessibility, weapon functionality, vehicular traits, etc.

COD fans are bantering about the “Sabotage” Contract in the recent update. This feature pre-marks the location of a vehicle that needs to be debilitated. Upon successful destruction, you will be treated with an armored truck deployed through an aircraft. Well, don’t get too happy because anyone who reaches it first can claim initial ownership.

With these changes, fans got almost all that they have been awaiting for more thrill in the game. The new updates have released high-value loot territories for admirers of rich loots.

Simply spot the “$” emblem on the Tac map and venture onto the area to easily find rebirth supply boxes that let you access refreshed loot within a specified time period.

Did you know: Rumour has it that a massive release is on the charts with Halo Infinite considering a new Battle Royale mode release on par with COD Warzone.

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