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4 Mistakes to Avoid While Searching for Jobs in Nigeria

Searching for Jobs in Nigeria can be very frustrating, at least for the ordinary man with no evidence of contact. But following these guides will surely give you job without much delays.  This post has 4 known mistakes you should avoid while searching for jobs in Nigeria, with few tips on how to land your dream job without. But before proceeding with applications, it is useful to learn a few things about jobs in Nigeria.

Who Offers Jobs in Nigeria?

Legitimately, there are more jobs in Nigeria than media and people believe and share. But a few hindrances, nepotism and other forms of corruptions prevent deny several viable youths their ample opportunities.

But in most cases, ignorance of the facts that there are legitimate career opportunities plays more role than corrupt politics in Nigeria. In other words, some people miss great job opportunities because they are not either informed or because they refuse to agree that they are eligible.

There are several government job opportunities, openings from telecommunication companies, banks and even teaching job opportunities that call for applications on daily basis.

What this implies is that you can APPLY FOR JOBS IN NIGERIa without the fear of rejection; so far you apply on time and where it ought to be.

How do I apply for Legitimate Jobs in Nigeria?

Searching for jobs in Nigeria, you must have come across tons of websites, job opportunities via social media (both real and scam). But your question now, is how do I get the right place to apply for jobs in Nigeria?

Anyways, there are just a few websites that are dedicated to job opportunities and we want you to take a closer look at some of them in our previous career guide.

To go further, there are mistakes you need to avoid while searching for jobs and other career opportunities from Nigeria, and they include:

The Wrong Perception While Searching for Jobs in Nigeria

You don’t have to remain negative about jobs in Nigeria. In as much as wrong political notions deny qualified youths career opportunities on merit, there are still several national merit opportunities that you can apply for , and possible get enlisted.

There are a good number of those job opportunities ranging from Civil Defense to the Nigerian Army, Board of Internal revenues to Commercial Banks in Nigeria.

But the problem is that the general perception that job offering must be through lobbying and contacts have prevented lots of you from tapping into legitimate opportunities.

So, break away from that mental slavery and start hunting for real jobs out there, right rom where you are now.

Dishonesty While Searching for Jobs in Nigeria

You can’t be employed by a human resource department that only needs young graduate that are within the age range of 25-30 when you are already 40 years of age.

This is one of the conditional facts that so many job seekers try to maneuver but the truth is that it doesn’t just work that way. And of course, this is just one of the instances where people try to submit applications when they are already informed of their ineligibility.

Searching for jobs in Nigeria, you need to understand that not every sector is as corrupt as your politicians who will accept anyone who do not merit offers. So, get the right credentials and save them on your emails. Submit application when you are asked to.

Carelessness while 

This is defined when you apply for jobs online, wait patiently for the response from your potential employers but you don’t check your emails for their reply.

This has been seen on several occasions where people submit applications and after being selected for interview, they fail to show up due to the fact that they didn’t receive the email on time or at all.

To get job in a highly career competitive marketplace like Nigeria, you need to take cognizance of most of these facts in order to remain fit.

Online Presence

There was once a time when you didn’t need to use the Internet to find a job, but that time has passed. Hiring managers will Google you, and the only thing worse than finding pictures of you doing a keg stand is finding nothing at all. At the very least, every job seeker should have an up-to-date LinkedIn profile with a few connections and maybe even a few recommendations.

Why do make career Posts?

We don’t believe you are still searching for jobs in Nigeria, but we are aware that you need some rewards for your years in the University, at the workshop or any other areas of your skill or knowledge acquisitions. It is in the light of these feelings that we try our best to connecting your with latest opportunities that might catch up with your career fantasy.



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